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KBC WhatsApp lucky draw is linked to every single SIM card which is usable in India, if you are having an Indian sim you are automatically getting eligible for KBC lucky draw However, if you are not aware of this kind of scheme which we are providing for your betterment, you can talk to us directly on our WhatsApp number which is provided on our website also you can make a call in case you are having any doubt. When you activate your WhatsApp your number will automatically qualify for KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2022. You will get a lottery number by which you can check if you are getting the lottery or not. By providing the list of all the winners who have already won the cash prize of 25 lacs which is provided by KBC lucky draw 2022. The process of having the lottery is very simple, you have to buy an Indian sim card and your number will be used for activating your WhatsApp account someday. KBC Head Office provides you with the special benefits of live WhatsApp chat. I am repeating this, never come in contact with these kinds of scammers because they will ask you for security money and they will ask you for your bank details, but they are not going to provide you any kind of lottery cash prize or any kind of benefits.

You will sure save yourself a couple of bucks on office rent, which can be a real pain in the neck with brick and mortar stores. You can easily get your lucky draw number. If you want to check your WhatsApp lottery online you can check the lottery on our official website of KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2022. You can also give us a call to our KBC helpline number to check the lottery number. Contact the KBC helpline number if you get any kind of email, WhatsApp message, text message, or any kind of fraud calls asking for money in the name of KBC. All you have to do is to be aware of fraud and scams circulating in the market on the name of KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2022, we are not entertaining such kind of activity of fraud through our agency. All you have to do is to be aware of fraud and scams circulating in the market in the name of KBC lucky draw 2022, we are not entertaining any such kind of fraud through our agency. Another way to confirm your status, if you are uncertain about the result of the lottery i.e. KBC Winner List 2022, is you can call from your registered mobile number.

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