Using Five Kbc Head Office Number Strategies Like The Pros

More specifically, it covers the following topics: innovation & technology and some suggestions for starting activities. Related to the suggestions for starting activities, we elaborate on (1) starting in-house private equity activities, (2) cross-selling in KBC Securities, (3) the organisational set-up of the corporate finance team and (4) convertible bonds. 1) Starting of in-house private equity activities: Having in-house private equity activities might be beneficial for KBC Securities, as well as for KBC bank. The formulation of a sound strategy, as presented in this report, was only a first step in becoming a customer intimate bank that puts the client at the centre of everything it does. In chapter 5, we elaborate on some additional findings which are relevant for KBC Securities, but not directly related to implementing customer intimacy. In chapter 7, additional research is conducted on the sell-side research function. Another option would be to develop the function of a key account manager in-house at KBC Securities. 4) Convertible bonds: As KBC Securities currently has no in-house expertise regarding convertible bonds, we want to encourage KBC Securities’ management to consider if it is worth starting this activity. Thirdly, a framework of prof. dr. Kurt Verweire is used to implement customer intimacy based on seven building blocks: (1) strategic positioning, (2) customer relationship management (CRM), (3) client segmentation, (4) client profitability, (5) key account management, (6) tracking client satisfaction and (7) a dynamic and proactive approach.

6) Tracking client satisfaction: We believe it is essential for KBC Securities to track client satisfaction more rigorously. Two elements are essential to successfully implement CRM, namely CRM data collection and CRM data usage. In chapter 4, the paper elaborates on the seven building blocks that are needed to achieve customer intimacy: (1) Strategic positioning: KBC Securities should position itself as a local specialist. A local specialist is an investment bank with deep capabilities in individual markets or regions, and strong local knowledge, networks and connectivity. KBC online WhatsApp lucky draw competition is giving you a useful opportunity to have the cash price of 25 lacs in your bank account within one day. We elaborate on the importance of knowledge training, good incentive systems, alignment of every party involved, proper internal communication systems and the support of senior management to effectively realise cross-selling opportunities within the bank. The benefits of a good CRM system are listed.

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Additionally, we researched several subquestions such as: “What are the reasons clients (do not) choose for KBC Securities? What activities do clients expect and want, now and in the future? Are KBC Securities clients satisfied with the service level they receive? How does KBC Securities’ client experience compare to competitors?”. Additionally, it would be in line with KBC Securities’ vision of serving companies in every stage of their lifecycle. Additionally, we supplemented our findings using secondary research: journals, books, articles and working papers conducted by academics and global professional management firms. 5) Key Account Management (KAM): KAM is an approach to act as a real business partner for clients. Potential advantages could be the realisation of informational synergies, cross-selling opportunities, better serving of the upper wealth management clients, reducing agency problems and a better brand image. 2) Cross-selling in KBC Securities: We focus on how private, corporate and investment bankers should work together to generate more revenues as a whole. 4) Client profitability: Client relationships should be managed in terms of profitability, not revenues. KBC Securities should consider both client revenues as well the cost-to-serve these clients.